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Cultivating your needs for the finest Vineyards

Second generation real estate agents, Lifestyle Properties have extended its reach to offer you the finest collection of Australian Vineyards on the market. Going back to its roots in 1788 where Australian wine was first recorded to be developed, our vineyards for sale offers only the most fertile soil with its rich significance in history.

We offer vineyard properties from different states like New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia. We ensure the condition of these locations is perfect in order to produce high quality products. In finding the right vineyards, certain elements should always be considered:

Soil - different types of soil are needed depending on the character of wine

Climate - hillside in a dry climate is usually preferred

Terroir - this usually refers to the combination of the natural factors surrounding the area

Committed to providing each client with the best choices, we carefully check and research each of these elements to ensure the quality of these properties.

Vineyards in Australia continue to be a growing trend, especially in the global scene. As the wine market expands, the wine industry also progresses. Australia is now considered to be the fourth highest wine-producing country for export.

At Lifestyle Properties, we can assist you in finding the right vineyard for sale that best suits your wants and desires. Because of our years of experience and extensive knowledge of local areas, we are best suited to locating the finest vineyard for you.

A Collection of History and Culture in Real Estate Showcasing the Finest Selection of Australian Vineyards for Sale that values the culture and resources it represents

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